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ROLE          Design and adaption of the exhibition graphics for US-­audiences + interpretative writing + exhibition ­book design for the US-American premier of the travelling exhibition ‘Egypt — The Time of Pharaohs’ at the Cincinnati Museum Center in 2019 and the upcoming ­exhibition tour in the U.S.

I first worked on this project for The Royal BC Museum in Victoria in 2018. Recently, I also adapted the exhibition graphics for a smaller version of the exhibition for the Natural History Museum of Utah in 2021 and the Denver Museum of Nature & Science in 2022.

Egypt exhibition mummy

ABOUT          ‘Egypt — The Time of Pharaohs’ reveals the mysteries of the great pharaohs and explores the daily life in ancient Egypt. Stunning artefacts, vivid multimedia spaces, hands-on elements, films, animations and a 3D-hologram of a mummy shed new light on the complexities of one of the most advanced and pre-eminent civilizations in the world.


The exhibition architecture was designed by Formation muenchen; the design of the exhibition graphics was a co-production with their graphic design team. The exhibition was co-curated by Christian Tietze from Weimar and Christian Bayer from the Roemer-and Pelizaeus Museum.

This is the US edition of the exhibition book — originally designed it with a different (more jazzy) cover / key visual for The Royal BC Museum.

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