ROLE          Design and adaption of the exhibition graphics for US-audiences / conception of new exhibition descriptions and texts together with the curators / translation of new interactives and films  / exhibition catalogue design for the US-American premier of the travelling exhibition ‘Egypt — The Time of Pharaohs’ at the Cincinnati Museum Center in 2019 and the upcoming exhibition tour in the U.S.*

* I first worked on this project for The Royal BC Museum in Victoria, Canada, in 2018. Recently, I also adapted the exhibition graphics and catalogue cover for a smaller version of the exhibition that premiered at the Natural History Museum of Utah in May 2021 and is currently on display at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science.

Egypt exhibition mummy

ABOUT          ‘Egypt — The Time of Pharaohs’ reveals the mysteries of the great pharaohs and explores the daily life in ancient Egypt. Stunning artefacts, vivid multimedia spaces, hands-on elements, interactives, films, animations and a 3D-hologram of a mummy shed new light on the complexities of one of the most advanced and pre-eminent civilizations in the world.


The exhibition architecture was designed by Formation muenchen; the design of the exhibition graphics was a co-production with their graphic design team. The exhibition was co-curated by Christian Tietze from Weimar and Christian Bayer from the Roemer-and Pelizaeus Museum.

This is the US edition (originally designed the catalogue with another cover for The Royal BC Museum in Victoria, Canada). Recently adapted the exhibition catalogue cover for the new, smaller version of the exhibition.