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ROLE         Exhibition design + identity, [modular] typography design and animation, motion graphics / exhibition explainer videos for a corporate museum exhibition [not open to the public]

ABOUT         This multimedia exhibit takes a thought-provoking look at the future of the company and addresses environmental issues in an intimate, poetic space. Designers, engineers and artists contemplate the relationship between technology and environment, inspire learning and dialogue, offer fresh perspectives, some reflections — an alarm — and show how to integrate environmentalism, conservation and sustainability into the company’s operations, policies and technological innovations.

The exhibit was designed using environmentally conscious methods, sustainable, repurposed and recycled materials. For example, visuals and explainer videos are shown on old TV and laptop screens, exhibition texts are printed on recycled cardboards, exhibition descriptions are presented on old easels, object labels / tags are attached with old wires. The exhibition content is confidential and cannot be shown here.

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