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ROLE          Exhibition identity + [re-]design of the exhibition graphics / text panels for a North ­American audience [also including Braille text panels, info­graphics and maps, interactives and games for kids] + interpretative writing + ­accompanying book / exhibition ­catalogue design for the North American premier of the ­travelling exhibition ‘Maya — The Great Jaguar Rises’ at The Royal BC ­Museum in Victoria, ­Canada, and the upcoming exhibition tour in the U.S.

ABOUT          The travelling exhibition ‘Maya — The Great Jaguar Rises’ tells stories of everyday life, beliefs, king-like rulers and fights. Visitors can explore spectacular Maya treasures, awe-inspiring architecture and astonishing cultural accomplishments in unique immersive exhibition spaces. The exhibition was [originally] designed [for the MARQ Alicante, Spain] by the Spanish architect studio ROCAMORA Diseño & Arquitectura, curated by Nikolai Grube and ­produced by MuseumsPartner, Ministerio de Cultura y Deportes de Guatemala and The Royal BC Museum.

WORK          Because of the new exhibition texts, graphics, tactile ­elements, interactives and games the ex­hibition is now engaging and accessible for everyone — for kids and adults alike. The new exhibition graphics [on backlit fabric displays, backlit foils, glass foils, Plexi and ­Forex ­panels] ­provide clear ­visual reference for the ­visitors throughout the various ­thematic ­areas, ­effectively communicate the key messages and give a holistic ­image of Maya ­culture. The new bold geo­metric logotype, colour system and typography re­inforce the straight shapes and energetic spirit of the Maya people.

Accompanying book and catalogue design [including infographic and map design] + editing and copyediting of the catalogue texts

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