ROLE          (Re-)design of the exhibition graphics for a North American audience / conception, rewriting and translation of exhibition descriptions and texts, interactives and films / exhibition identity design, including logotype, colour scheme and typography / infographic and map design / accompanying book and catalogue design + editing and copyediting of the catalogue texts for the North American premier of the travelling exhibition ‘Maya — The Great Jaguar Rises’ at The Royal BC Museum in Victoria, Canada, and the upcoming exhibition tour in the U.S.

ABOUT          Taking a cultural-ecological approach, the travelling exhibition ‘Maya — The Great Jaguar Rises’, shows how Maya culture has developed over time in relation to its environment. Presenting the latest archaeological research, the exhibition reveals spectacular treasures of Maya artistry made by masters of their craft, whose influence has stretched far beyond their own time and place. Their meaningful images and inscriptions tell the stories of everyday life, their beliefs, their king-like rulers and their fights. Visitors can explore the awe-inspiring Maya architecture and astonishing cultural accomplishments in unique immersive exhibition spaces.

The exhibition was (originally) designed (for the MARQ Alicante, Spain) by the Spanish architect studio ROCAMORA Diseño & Arquitectura, curated by Nikolai Grube and produced by MuseumsPartner, Ministerio de Cultura y Deportes de Guatemala and The Royal BC Museum.

WORK          Because of the new and rewritten texts, infographics, films and interactives, the exhibition is now engaging and accessible for everyone — for kids and adults alike. The new exhibition graphics (backlit fabric displays, backlit vinyl and forex panels) provide clear visual reference for the visitors throughout the various thematic sections, effectively communicate the key messages and give a holistic image of Maya culture. The new bold geometric logotype, colours (lemon yellow, lime green, dark crimson and vermilion) and fonts (Roboto Condensed and Texta) reinforce the straight shapes and energetic spirit of the Maya people.

Accompanying book and catalogue design [including infographic and map design] + editing and copyediting of the catalogue texts