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ROLE          Exhibition catalogue / book design for the California Science Center

ABOUT           The exhibition ‘Angkor — The Lost Empire of Cambodia’ explores the rise, fall, and enduring legacy of what was once the most extensive metropolis in the world. With more than 120 original artifacts, rare archival material, expert narratives, reconstructions and illustrations, this exhibition brings Angkor to life for a broad audience, offering a unique window into one of the world’s most exceptional cultural sites and its continued resonance in contemporary Cambodian life.

The exhibition was curated by Sophie Biard (IAO), Damian Evans (EFEO) and Kong Vireak (MCFA), produced by MuseumsPartner in cooperation with the California Science Center, and designed by Johan Schelfhout.
The accompanying book / catalogue was written by the curators Sophie Biard (IAO) and Damian Evans — both renowned researchers and Khmer specialists.