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ROLE         Naming, branding and identity

ABOUT           Originally established in 2003 under the name ‘STMS Marketing Services’, and taken over in 2020 by a young and dynamic duo, Agentur Wir is a full service advertising agency bringing a functional approach and forward-thinking attitude to each project they tackle. Looking to take their agency in a new direction, and in need of an identity that suited their approach, they sought my help in 2021. The brief was to find a new name and identity that communicates the hustle and spirit of a young and thriving team. The aim was to create a functional, yet playful and fun, identity that embodies an interdisciplinary and diverse creative team who believes in working collaboratively.


WORK            I translated the energy and diversity of their team into dynamic expressions of form, colour and typography that can be as playful and as pragmatic as required by their application. The overall result is a straightforward, flexible framework, purposefully untethered from period or trend, making room for creativity and waiting to be explored by their team.


The bespoke wordmark and monogram logo are both slick and personable, providing a strong sense of intention and clarity whilst being flexible in their application. The ‘W’ references a deconstructed ampersand as well as the German word ‘und’ meaning ‘and’. An energetic set of Pantone colours communicates transdisciplinarity and diversity, and represents a contemporary and ever-evolving agency; while the modern, variable sans serif typeface Acumin provides a neutral, practical typographic foundation that anchors the identity’s vibrant approach to colour. The flexible grid provides a clear framework for all the visual elements and typography.

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